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Act Now To Neuter HSUS

December 23, 2009


Ami Moore The Chicago Dog Coach Now is the time to neuter HSUS, says Ami The Chicago Dog Coach. ============================ Message from MoFed. Please read thoroughly. For those lists that don’t support attachments, let us know so we can load to the files section. Barb Dear Trusted Friends, As many of you know, HSUS […]

Great Radio Show On Animal Rights Nuts

November 7, 2009



May 20, 2009


By ESaunders WSB-TV’s HSUS Investigation Aftermath: It Isn’t Over By ESaunders Welcome to the jungle … we’ve got fun & games. They claim they’re saving animals but politics pulls the reins.  (Apologies to Guns n Roses, I got carried away for a moment) Its amazing how this story just keeps on rolling, and […]

Animal Rights Corrupt Religion

May 18, 2009


“Animal rights activists are using religious messages to recruit a segment of the millennial generation that has little doctrinal anchor in order to advance their vegetarian agenda”, said Wes Jamison, an ordained Baptist Minister and associate professor of communications at Palm Beach Atlantic University, addressing participants at the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s 8th Annual Stakeholders Summit, […]

How HSUS and PETA Use “The Task Force” To Subvert The Legislative Process

May 15, 2009


Sneaking the “Big Lie” through the Back Door: How Special Interest Groups are Hijacking Local Legislation Margaret Anne Cleek California State University, Sacramento Richard Guarino California State University, Sacramento Michael Youril California State University, Sacramento   ABSTRACT An open process for drafting legislation would assure that from the onset all camps are heard from and […]

Document on Search and Seizure Laws-Must Read

May 11, 2009


Cookie Training Stinks-Bad Training Makes Dogs Aggressive

April 30, 2009


Web address: Dogs Are Aggressive If They Are Trained Badly ScienceDaily (Apr. 24, 2009) — Many dogs are put down or abandoned due to their violent nature, but contrary to popular belief, breed has little to do with a dog’s aggressive behaviour compared to all the owner-dependant factors. This is shown in a new […]