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HSUS/PETA/ARFs Get Huge Legal Set-Back

October 4, 2009


US District Court Judge Charles R. Simpson III ordered the following in the case of the Louisville KC, et. al. v. Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government. RE: Civil Action No. 3:07-CV-230-S Judge basically found that the determination between S/N’d and intact dogs is without merit and thus required enclosure inspection for intact dogs is unconstitutional, He […]

God and Dog Video!

September 17, 2009


GoD And DoG by WJ Francisco

Great Poodle Picture

September 6, 2009


“Mom, why do we look so different?” Photo: John Nguyen, Ross Parry Syndication Eight is more than enough pups for new mom, Rosie. What makes the birth even more special is that despite the white poodle’s lack of pigment, all eight of her puppies have full coats of black hair. The litter of four male […]

Mein Kampf-HSUS Style

August 26, 2009


A great article of warning. Ami Moore The Chicago Dog Coach > I think most of the draconian laws being passed are too expensive > for the states to enforce. That leaves a 3rd party (think H$U$) to > offer to enforce for them. I’m very much afraid that might happen. This is ALREADY […]

Rearing Puppies Gods Way

August 2, 2009


// Here is a great post about natural, God approved dog breeding and rearing. When we do things in an artificial way, the way of man, we make dogs weaker, sicker and mutated. This article is a warning to all those who love dogs that can do their historic jobs that help us survive on […]

Despite Breed Ban-Denver has rising dog bite rates

July 7, 2009


Denver leads the state with the highest rate of dog-related injury hospitalizations in Colorado The County of Denver, despite a draconian pit bull ban enacted in 1989,   has a significantly higher rate of dog bite hospitalizations  than any other county in the state, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment statistics. The Colorado […]


June 15, 2009