Illinois Dog Task Forces

Posted on 08/30/2009


Please email your comments to the Illinois Dog Task Force. The primary comment is that dog shelters and dog rescues must operate under the same rules as dog breeders and dog stores, same business equals the same rules.

Ami Moore
Michele Kasten has set up a special email address to receive communication from pet owners about the Task Force. It is:

illinoishobbybreeder AT

(Take out the space before and after the “AT” and of course substitue @ for AT – Yahoo lists won’t let complete email addresses come through so this is the best I could do!)

Please do email her – she would very much welcome your comments and I know she reads them all carefully, since she made mention of a number of them during the meeting on the 25th.

To send comments to the Task Force as a whole, there is a “Submit Comments” link at the bottom of the Task Force membership news announcement webpage:

Unfortunately, as of the date of the last meeting on the 25th, Ag admits to not having checked those accumulated comments, although they promise to do so before the next meeting. So, it may be best to sent your comments directly to a Task Force member such as Michele, in addition to sending them to the Task Force as a whole.

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