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SO……you think the groups like H$U$ aren’t all about raiding and seizing, using local officers to break down your door and seize your stuff?  Then look at this Search Warrant from Orange County, California.  Approximately 9,3210 views of this post so far,  indicate this is a valid concern for all owners.  This is the type of stuff that should not be happening, yet it is.


Make sure to see 2nd paragraph, re AB243 and the forfeiture proposed provisions!!!!!

This has the hallmark of H$U$ written ALL OVER it. Owners forced to pay over $11,000 just to get the show dogs returned.  Talk about a bunch of crap?!  That is the way these animal control agencies garner money. Even if there is no conviction, but owner takes a plea because they need the money to bail out the fees and costs levied by animal control…….if acquitted on  charges under the law,  H$U$ is pushing proposed law that the government can STILL find you unsuitable to OWN, CARE FOR, OR BE AROUND animals, and find that you should NOT have any animals at all. That means, if you are exonerated from the charges against you, it makes no DIFFERENCE because you can lose all the animals if they want to take them via forfeiture; and they can denounce you as unfit to own or care for animals.

That is AB243 before the California legislature right NOW (August 2009)

There is also a provision in proposed bill that would force additional like provisions (as above) to animals seized pursuant to a search warrant; even if the impound/kenneling fees were paid, the prosecuting attorney can file a petition SEEKING FORFEITURE OF ANY ANIMALS!

Further, if a conviction arose, and owner was enjoined from owning animals and was caught with an animal, it would be yet another separate criminal charge against the person.  As expected, this proposed bill may greatly affect ANYONE WHO WORKS WITH ANIMALS FOR A LIVELIHOOD (cattle, sheep, horses,etc) except as exempted by current law under PC597, and therefore, ONE single charge against ANYONE who works with animals affected, COULD RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL OWNED, OR POSSIBLY EVEN IN THE CUSTODY OF SAME PERSON.

It most clearly authorized forceable entry just on a MISDEMEANOR allegation of not having a “proper” kennel or pet shop license.  Absolutely no animal cruelty was involved. No fighting charges were alleged. No selling for fighting was alleged.  No transporting for fighting, or abuse, or any of that.  Read it for yourself.


IN CASE you cannot see the wording for the property to be SEIZED:

“Any and all electronics consisting of video cameras, digital cameras, cell phones, computers, laptop computers, and hard drives. Any and all software consisting of disks, floppy disks, compact disks, memory cards, and flash drives.  Any and all documentation pertaining to veterinary records, ledgers, registry papers, show records and photos. Any and all pitbull dogs on the property used for the pupose of illegal dog breeding and kenneling.”

What the hell is illegal dog breeding and kenneling?  It can’t be for “fighting” because that would be a felony.  So it’s a misdemeanor if you don’t have a license to sell a dog, even if you aren’t selling a dog?

Folks, this case is just ONE example of what happens to dog owners when H$U$ wants to stop both bully dogs from being owned, and dog kennels from being owned—- this owner was purposely being made into a scapegoat example.

This owner wasn’t selling dogs, he exhibited them in shows and has plenty of titles.  Yet this owner was told by AC that if he were to enter the animal control building, he would be arrested for trespassing and he was warned not to enter the building!  And that’s after his dogs were seized!

It was related to us that the AC and police descended upon the property, with approximately 10 officers total, in order to search the premises.  The owner was at work but came home to witness the nightmare that unfolded. Allegedly a gun was even pointed at a 7yr old child in the home.

SO— if you own a dog or several dogs—and you think AC or the police don’t pick on dog owners, beware.  H$U$ has helped to screw over countless animal owners, ignore due process, and pushed media attention  to get people to think that every pitbull or bully dog must be used or sold for illegal reasons, and that if you own several of them, it must mean you are guilty of  ’something’, and your door needs to be broken down so your place can be searched and plundered.

P7090006TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT OWNS A PET OR ANIMAL…..SPREAD THE WORD—H$U$ HELPS  PROMOTE THIS TYPE OF CONDUCT,  TO PUSH H$U$ anti-pet legislation.  By using innocent animals that have done nothing, by targeting owners that have done nothing,  these animal rights groups are attempting to over-regulate our lives !!

And let’s not forget—H$U$ has hired MICHAEL VICK, who actually went to prison for dogfighting—to be an H$U$ spokesperson—-for H$U$ !!!!

Please post and forward this to everyone you know and ask your friends to pass it forward to everyone they know!!!!! We need this to be shown far and wide—pet owners who know of similar incidents are urged to contact Petdefense ASAP.  *~* Petdefense will be sending attorney to voice opposition against this bill and AB1122, which criminalizes the legal act of selling an animal, but a rescue can do the exact same thing, and it would be “legal.”~*~

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