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Posted on 08/07/2009





There is no question, we’re going though challenging times. I think it may be safe to say that we have all seen recent changes in our lifestyle, family environment and careers.  With some uncertainly in what we’re facing in the future, each of us will have our own personal stories to share.  Over the past few months we have noticed a strong trend at Flint River Ranch, business has increased somewhat, going against overall consumer market trends.

You may be interested in knowing what customers and distributors have reported and what FRR trends has shown.

  • With cutbacks in their career employment, some distributors have had more time to follow-up with their customer base, generate additional leads and new customers.  Some who have been coasting over the past few years are now actively seeking more customers and increasing their commissions.
  • We are getting more questions on how to “be a successful FRR distributor” than ever.  Rather than the more causal approach to their business, many distributors have renewed with more serious dedication to the FRR potential. They are not afraid of the hard work involved when they see the important results. No reward worth going after ever comes easily.  Don’t think that being a distributor isn’t work or you may not treat it with the seriousness and dedication that it needs and your customers will expect.
  • We’re seeing an increase in purchases of samples, training manuals and FRR brochures.  Distributors are not backing away from expanding their business, but working harder on them.

The recent worldwide increase in ingredient costs strongly forced prices upward and many customers elected to reduced their feeding costs with the purchase of lower quality products. Many of these customers have returned to feeding Flint River Ranch products and for several reasons:

    1. They have found that lower price often means lower quality and they are not seeing the important results in their pet’s lifestyle and health.
    2. They found they were feeding more on a daily basis and not receiving the digestive benefits of an oven-baked product.
    3. As a small family company, Flint River Ranch acts quicker with new pricing compared to the larger national brands, who are slower in responding to change.  They are finding that the many of the national brands are now priced higher than Flint River Ranch and that Flint River Ranch is very competitively priced for high quality premium formulas.
    4. Through industry disclosures they have found that many “premium brands” were not the quality that was advertised. Some were forced by regulatory agencies and disclosure to withdraw certain products from the market and to reformulate.
    5. Customer that purchase by mail order have found when an extra cost for shipping and handling is added, the price is not competitive.  Flint River Ranch does not charge extra for shipping and handling.

Flint River Ranch has also been active in several areas during the past year. We have been working to develop some new formulas.  While several are promising, we have yet to find a quality ingredient mix that compares with our current formulas at a reasonable cost. We are finding that some industry hyped herbal ingredients do not add the needed value to our current formulas.  We continue to work on bringing additional formulas to the Flint River Ranch lineup.

After discussing Flint River Ranch, a friend of mine simply stated; “We diversify our investments, why wouldn’t we diversify our income too?”  Simple but profound words that I wanted to share with everyone for your discussion with prospective future distributors.  While folks have been aware of it, they are realizing more and more how important residual or diversified income can be.  Jim has always taught us the value in residual income.  Make sure you aline yourself with a downline that “gets it” too.  I’ll assume that all sponsors are working with their downlines to help insure their continued success and support also.  We depend upon each other, build your support in a successful downline of motivated distributors!

Thank you for all your feedback and dedication! We appreciate all your support and interest in FRR. It is exciting to be involved with all of you!

Jay P.jay p
Jay P. Margedant, President
Flint River Ranch

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