Why Does Anyone Listen To Wayne and HSUS

Posted on 07/22/2009


Why is anyone listening to the Humane Society of the United States anymore?

July 18, 12:17 PM · Kristy Winfrey – Kansas City Pets Examiner
One of the Michael Vick dogs from Best Friends in Utah

The “Humane” Society isn’t as humane as you’d think. They have a bad track record with defending the lives of the victims of dog fighting rings. We all remember the media frenzy associated with the Michael Vick dogs in April of 2007. Well, Wayne Pacelle the CEO of the Humane Society did an interview with Madeleine Brand on NPR in regards to the Michael Vick dogs and she asked “So, in this particular situation they are not even up for adoption?” Wayne Pacelle’s response was, “Well, typically not because these are animals that were bred for aggression, they were trained for aggression, and then there was this culling process where you had selection for just the most aggressive animals. We would consider it irresponsible to put them up for … adoption because number one, some of the wrong people might want them, other people interested in dog fighting might want to obtain them and if it was just a situation where people didn’t really know how to handle them, these dogs could certainly be a danger to other dogs, and to animals and possibly to children as well.”

This response is creating a mass fear of pit bulls. Wayne Pacelle is the CEO of the Humane Society and he is keeping this fear alive. Shame on him. He isn’t giving any pit bull a chance. He is making a sweeping assumption that kills all the dogs without treating them as individuals.

In February of this year, another raid “rescued” the victims of another dog fighting ring in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

According to Wilkes County Chief Deputy Chris Shew some of the 127 pit bulls were in the kennel’s fenced enclosure and others were chained to stakes near dog houses in nearby woods. About half of the dogs were puppies.

Two representatives from HSUS were in the court room when the fates of these dogs, mostly puppies, were decided. There were even puppies that were born after the raid. They killed those puppies, too.

Amanda Arrington, N.C. director for The Humane Society of the U.S., and Chris Schindler, the agency’s deputy manager of animal-fighting law enforcement, both told the judge that these particular dogs have been bred for aggression. The Humane Society of the U.S. was the lead agency involved in the undercover investigation that led to the arrests.
Wilkes Animal Control Director Junior Simmons told the judge that some of the dogs that were puppies when they were seized in December are already showing aggression toward each other.
“They’re not just play fighting,” he said. “They’re starting to draw blood.”
Puppies are starting to draw blood? Are you kidding me? Dogs have to be trained repeatedly to fight, dogs by their nature are kind, loving animals. I don’t believe for one minute that puppies are so aggressive that they are “drawing blood”. Shame on the HSUS for not addressing that issue. You know why dog fighters pick pit bulls? It’s not because they are vicious killers. It’s because they want to please their owners. They want to make their owner happy and unfortunantely, dogs don’t know between right and wrong. They think their owners are telling them what is right. I have to add here that any dog that is not trained properly can have behavior problems. So, if someone gets a pit bull and does not know how to treat or train them, there could be problems. Read more about pit bulls here.
Then recently, there was a huge raid that spanned a few states. Read about his at the Humane Society of Missouri’s website. In response to this, Wayne Pacelle, told a St. Louis newspaper:
“It’s just unclear what will happen,” said Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the United States. “I think it’s pretty certain that a lot of those dogs will not pass a behavioral test.”
What? This is the CEO of the Humane Society, one of the most influential animal organizations out there and he is just calling for the deaths of all of these victims of dog fighting. They are victims and he is calling for their death. You might be thinking, well, these dogs are aggressive…no, not all of them. Puppies that were born after the raid could not be aggressive. Aggressiveness is not genetic! It is a learned behavior that newborn puppies have no tendency toward.

It’s not like they can’t afford to help these dogs.  Check out their financial profile on Charitynavigator.org.

They have also had misleading fundraising practices that have not gone unnoticed.  Here they ask for donations to take care of Michael Vick’s dogs that they are going to have killed.  Here is an article that explains this is more detail.

From the Wikipedia page for HSUS it states that:

The CCF [The Center for Consumer Freedom] has also accused HSUS of misleading fundraising pitch in relation to the Michael Vick dog fighting case.[96] Fundraising material on HSUS’s website one day after Vick’s indictment states that donations will be used to “help the Humane Society of the United States care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case…” and that donations would be “put to use right away to care for these dogs…”.[97] It was later revealed that the dogs were not in HSUS’s care and that HSUS recommendation was for the dogs to be euthanized.[98] The donation pitch was altered to remove references to caring for Vick’s dogs one week after the initial pitch.[99]

Click here to watch a short, 2 minute video showing the Michael Vick dogs at Best Friends in Utah and tell me if you think they should have been killed.

Was it worth it to save the Michael Vick dogs? Yes. It took a lot of time and money but this was a kind of “ground breaking” act of kindness. Everyone all over the country, the CEO of HSUS, PeTA and millions of other uneducated people were calling for their death. It was like the witch trials all over again!
Why are we killing VICTIMS of violence and abuse? These are dogs that have had a painful, abusive past all at the hand of humans. Then other humans come to kill them. What does that poor sweet dog think? All humans are bad. You might think it’s “just” a dog. Well, what does that say about our society? Just remember, Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Some updates on the Michael Vick dogs:
Here is a story about Hector, one of the Michael Vick dogs who is a Canine Good Citizen, a therapy dog, and has been temperament tested.
Here is a story about Halle, who is now the spokesdog for the Salt Lake County Animal Services “Bully Breed” program.
Info on the Vick dogs at Best Friends

The first of the Michael Vick dogs is adopted from Best Friends

What can you do to help? I believe one thing that all of us can do is to donate your time, money or needed items to LOCAL shelters. Don’t donate to these huge national organizations when the shelter down the street is struggling to provide food or toys to the animals in your neighborhood. You can be assured that your money will go to directly help the animals. When you donate to the HSUS or other large organizations, you are essentially “voting” for them. You are saying, here is my money, I agree with you and I trust you. Your money might go to pay for advertising or providing free t-shirts to people who donate. Your money does the most good in your own community!

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