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because for every cause, there’s an effect!

Not just acronyms, it is secret code for “Let The War Begin!”  Veterinary association wars that is.  Positions drawn and weapons loaded, Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare square off.

Barbara J. Andrews © TheDogPress 4|21|09 The Humane Society Of The U.S. (HSUS) created the Humane Society Veterinary Association (HSVA).  The HSVA then merged with the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR) which claims 3,000 vets as members.

The Humane Society’s creation is a duly chartered 501c3, a tax-free “arm” of the HSUS.  The Animal Rights Activists (ARA) are now well represented within the veterinary profession.  Actually, they already were, this just brings it out in the open.

Your vet probably belongs to the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AMVA) which boasts over 76,000 vet members.  Even so, it isn’t funded by public donations like HSUS and will be sadly lacking in $$$ ammunition with which to fight the HSVA takeover.  According to the HSUS, the war will be spearheaded by “cutting the AVMA’s lock on veterinarians who purchase the group’s business insurance programs by offering alternative programs.”

The Humane Society Veterinary Association (HSVA) would be short-lived if the Humane Society Of The U.S. were to be successful in ending all domestic animal reproduction.  Note the hypocrisy which doesn’t bother HSUS in the least.  After all, it collects well over $100,000, 000.00 (one hundred million bucks) per year and like many other non-profits, it will use and profit from another tax-exempt “arm” capable of raking in many more millions.

Follow this simple analogy.  Car manufacturers merge with XYZ Oil and two things happen.  Car makers hasten to produce gas guzzlers and XYZ Oil uses its massive marketing and lobbying power to pass legislation which forces all motorists to use XYZ gas.

Now it makes sense!  The ARAs (animal rights activists) are getting laws passed that force you into costly surgical neutering of your dog.  The H$U$ is banking that you will use an HSVA member vet.

AVMA vets will see how cleverly HSUS manipulated such a massive increase in veterinary revenues.  Ergo, the war between veterinary groups will have been won.  When castration and hysterectomy surgeries are legally mandated across the U.S., the already disproportionably high cost for “neutering” will soar even higher.

Many vets have suddenly taken a position against docking and cropping.  It is a specialty which most are not good at anyway and one which many therefore consider not worth the risk of complaints about botched work.  Is it coincidental that with all the new spay/neuter income, Vets no longer need to rely on such surgeries?  No.  So they can speak out against such “needless mutilation” of dogs even though early removal of those hormone-producing organs has been proven to weaken the immune system.  Ah, but weak immune systems mean sick dogs which means more income.

Illinois is just one state trying to make cropping and docking a felony offense while at the same time, forcing surgical castration and hysterectomy on puppies over 4 months.  Even if you don’t have a cropped or docked breed, you can see how dog owners are being manipulated.  Worse yet, when vets use their trade associations to pass laws that will generate a huge revenue at the expense of millions of innocent puppies and kittens, it is not criminal, its just “politics as usual!”

Wayne Pacelle has moved HSUS further in 6 years than it has come in 60 years.  So he promises HSVA success on behalf of the ARA while at the same time, cleverly downplaying the “Animal Rights” aspect.  Pacelle isn’t firing blanks in this well organized assault.

Pacelle says “With a $120 million budget, HSUS promises to provide a financial cushion for marketing HSVA, boosting AVAR’s $425,000 budget and dumping the group’s ‘animal rights’ designation, which officials admit burdens their quest to gain legitimacy within AVMA’s ranks. Incorporating AVAR sensitivities, HSVA mission is animal protection advocacy.

Dropping the “animal rights” part of the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights name, Pacelle continues “The nation’s largest humane organization also gives AVAR the footing it’s long needed to effectively challenge AVMA’s defense of industrial farming practices such as sow gestation stalls and foie gras production.”

Firing one round after another, the HSUS leader says. “AVMA needs to get off its high horse. Their positions defending horse slaughter, for example, have the American public increasingly upset with them.”

Pacelle’s words ring true because HSUS effectively shut down all horse slaughter houses in the U.S., putting thousands of people out of work.  In case your knee jerk reaction to “horse slaughter” is agreement with HSUS, consider these gruesome facts.  Because old, injured, or terminally ill horses can’t be processed in America, they are dumped on rural roads by owners who can no longer care for them, can’t euthanize them, and can’t sell them for slaughter.  As opposed to instant death in U.S. slaughter facilities, horses are trucked under inhumane conditions to Mexico where they are inhumanely bled to death, their throats pierced or slashed.  American horse meat fed hungry people in other countries.  It fed our dogs and zoo animals.  Now it does not.  That has significantly raised the price of pet food and in many cases, lowered quality.  See Harper on melamine contamination and Quality Control Update melamine poisoning.

Thanks HSUS!

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