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Posted on 05/28/2009


Subject: {Disarmed} [doglegislation] Perverted ‘parent – guardian’ dog designation in legislation

Animal rights perverted ‘parent – guardian’ dog designation in legislation

GLENWOOD, Iowa, May 14 (NationalDogPress.

com) —

This is a documentary by the ‘Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom’ National Organization, designed for people who either own dogs and pets or live near dogs and pets, which is just about everybody. This documentary is an interesting look at how the proposal and implementation of “Anti-Pet Ownership” laws and ordinances that affect all pet and dog owners and their relations with their pet’s lives, family unit, and surrounding community.

Introduction of legally defined perversion:

Many of our fellow citizens, no longer have the tolerant souls and morals of free men and women. They have the souls and morals of a now “perverted” mentality as busy-bodies and petty “tyrants” who want to ruin their neighbors’ lives, and kill their pets and their pet ownership rights, all in the name of “WHAT?” An Animal’s right not to be owned by it’s master, but rather only be parented or controlled only by a ‘parent – guardian’ designation? This is perversion of truth at it’s deepest core in society, not loving family values with pet ownership property freedom, as well as, having pets accepted as a member of the ‘extended family’ with the human beings in that family.

Our pets and animals are, in fact, an integral part of our loving family units, having purpose, attention, affection, interaction, respect and family interaction and happiness for both humans and the pet animals. However, the “animal rights activists” and legislative body members (local city, state and federal), who follow the animal rights activist’s intentional perversion of loving family pet ownership interactions, have gone astray, from a logical and common sense way of thinking. And these legal proposals are being implemented with intent of “malice to the pet owners, as well as the pet animals.”

These animal rights people have become “tyrants” thru the use of our various legal systems, destroying the very freedoms “We” as people have a right to possess in a free society. This is a documentary of the proposal of violations of “Pet Ownership” rights and freedoms.

The “Animal Rights” Activist Problem:

There are people so addicted to exaggeration they can’t tell the truth without lying. ~Josh Billings

A strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest.

The laws of necessity, of self- preservation, of saving our country and our people, to include our extended family pets, when in danger, are of higher obligation.

To lose our beloved pet animals, our family units and structure, an ultimately our freedom in this country by a unscrupulous adherence to written “anti-pet” ordinances and laws would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property, and all those who are enjoying them with us. This is absolute absurdity sacrificing the end to the means.

The “Perverted” List of Anti-Pet Ownership Proposals and Laws:

This is a list of proposed legislation and ordinances designed to take away your pet owning rights, little by little, one perverted step after another, making it so difficult, expensive, inconvenient, and legally risky to even own a dog or any other pet:

1. Mandatory Spay/Neuter

2. Breeder Licensing (destroys hobby breeder who produce some of the
best and well-socialized purebreds)

3. Kennel Licensing w/Privatized Inspections

4. Differential Licensing

5. Potential Dangerous Dog Laws (High Risk Animal Designation)

6. Breed Specific Legislation/Registration
(higher licensing fees, mandatory insurance minimums, breed-banning,
mandatory muzzling, length and style of collars and leashes)

7. Anti-tethering and anti-crating Legislation

8. Pet Limit Laws with no foundation or justification for removal of well kept dogs.

9. A parent-like ‘Guardianship’ Designation as defined by animal shelters and animal rescue businesses to allow the control and removal of an adopted pet from the new dog owners at the will of the rescue or shelter facility.

10. Husbandry Limiting Laws (FLORIDA tried to make it where only a vet could
worm dogs!)

11. Animal Control attempting to force ‘euthanasia’ on owner’s pets or be charged with criminal animal abuse for maintaining old age pets with ‘naturally’ failing health issues

12. Anti-Hunting Laws

13. Anti Old Age Dog Laws (actually used to legislate the Animal Control Authority agendas of forced euthanasia of owners dogs rather than allowing a dog to live until a natural death)

14. Mandatory RFID “Chip” Micro-chipping

15. Pet Licensing Public Data Bases (The whole world can read all about
your pets and know where you live!)

16. Legislating Unreasonable Medical Care Responsibility

17. Mandatory Temperament Testing

18. Purely Positive Training Methods
[Criminalizing Training Devices (training collars) or methods that
include corrections

19. Containment Restrictions
(height and type of fences, size of property, kennels, crates)

20. Mandated Care Requirements
(dog must be walked 30 minutes each day)

21. Greater Police Powers by Animal Control Agencies to Enter Your
Property and Seize without warrants

22. Private Citizen/Agency Seizures (“BAD” Samaritan Laws)
(allowing a private citizen or agency to remove an animal from your
property that they consider at risk)

23. Size limits and ‘pet quantity’ limits when no dog problems of care and maintenance exist

24. Anti-Cropping/Docking/De-clawing Legislation
(but yet they will carve out your dogs internal reproductive organs!)

25. Out-lawing “Deformed” Breeds (English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, etc.)

26. Legislation based on faulty research studies — correlation studies
rather than causative (Did you know all people who drink water die?
Therefore we need to stop drinking water!) Correlation is not Causation!

27. Some European Countries, it is illegal to have a dog pull you that is not a northern breed?

AND THE NEWEST TWO that make it illegal for Martha Stewart to own a dog:

28. Limited Ownership of Dogs by Convicted Felons

29. Defining dogs as Weapons and making it illegal to use a dog as a
“weapon” (so long home protection)

30. Mandatory Animal Reporting and Identification programs (local, city, state, and federal systems)

31. ALL Breed Anti-Pet Ordinances (first used in Alta, Utah, and now in Louisville, KY in a 100 page ordinance, controlled by essentially one man (director of Animal Control) over every citizen with a pet or animal).

32. National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

Intelligence in legislation never meant an exercise in definitions of ‘Perversion’ with pet property ownership:

The most ridiculous, most despicable of all con artists are those pompous, condescending, so-called ‘intellectuals’ who purport to use the intellect to ‘prove’ the worthlessness of human intelligence, in loving pet ownership family unit relationships — and thereby, of the intellect.

They, the “animal rights” perverts, don’t even seem to realize all they’re doing is admitting their own self-negation in the most pathetic way possible, in public, to all but the most gullible.”

Loving pet ownership and it’s responsible exercise of pet ‘property ownership’ freedom is natural, desired by both animal and human, and a God given right to happiness. I prove my point in that, Noah, was tasked by God himself, to build a boat, large enough to protect and maintain every animal and creature on this earth, prior to it’s destruction. Had the animal rights activists, been left in charge of this most important task, I have no doubt all the animals of the earth would have been destroyed…

In Summary and Defense of Pet Ownership Property Rights:

I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it. ~Abraham Lincoln

Animal Rights are not a “right” of stance to protect the animals. It is in place to “destroy” the animals and the moral, legal, and religious ethics of lovingly owning and maintaining their pet animals. GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!

Just ask Noah in the ARK!

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Article Authored by Dean A. Ayers

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