Why Waste TIme With Rush-Give Him The Boot!

Posted on 05/22/2009



Atlanta TV Report Puts HSUS Donations in the Spotlight
Questions Surround Fundraising Practices

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has recently become the 
subject of scrutiny after an Atlanta based news station’s investigative 
report raised questions over millions in donations to the HSUS.

The report, done by WSB-TV channel 2, focused on concerns that the HSUS 
may engage in fundraising tactics in which donors believe their 
contributions predominately go to help local animal shelters.

The report highlighted certain controversies surrounding the HSUS such 
as the public disclosure of only $7 million in expenditures for 
reuniting pets displaced during Hurricane Katrina with their owners, 
despite having raised $34 million to accomplish the task. At that 
time, the Louisiana Attorney General’s office launched an investigation 
into the matter.

A Channel 2 reporter also attended a local HSUS meeting, where the 
discussions were reportedly focused on activism, not animal care. It was 
also stated in the report that the Georgia Director for HSUS admitted 
that she spends most of her time working on lobbying rather than working 
to coordinate the care of animals.

“We have long believed that many HSUS donors think they are helping 
local dog and cat shelters,” said Bud Pidgeon, president and CEO of the 
US Sportsmen’s Alliance. “We think this confusion actually diverts funds 
away from that purpose and actually funds campaigns to restrict hunting 
rights and common farming and livestock practices.”

Those confused are not just locals. USSA and other sportsmen and 
agriculture organizations believe that conservative talk radio host Rush 
Limbaugh mistakenly believes that HSUS is primarily involved in caring 
for dogs and cats. Limbaugh recently produced two advertisements for 
HSUS endorsing a couple of its programs. Sportsmen fear that the 
conservative icon’s collaboration with the animal rights organization 
will help whitewash its agenda in the eyes of other conservatives.

The USSA recently had the opportunity to discuss the ongoing controversy 
surrounding Rush Limbaugh’s support of the HSUS with Greg and Dan on 
1470 WMBD in Peoria, Illinois on May 19.

Rob Sexton, the USSA’s vice president of government affairs, spent over 
ten minutes outlining the steps taken by the USSA to try and convince 
Rush to sever his ties to HSUS. Click Here to listen to the interview.