Mental Illness Masqarading as Mercy

Posted on 05/20/2009


By ESaunders

Mental Illness Masquarading as Mercy? PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk

By ESaunders

A timely article was written on the NY Times blog discussing Michael Vick and the call by PETA and Ingrid Newkirk for Michael Vick to under go a brain scan to evaluate him for psychopathy.  The NY Times blog was gracious enough to provide Ms. Newkirk with the opportunity to respond to the NY Times blog article as well as comments made in response to the article.

I could write extensively about the fact there is no such thing as a brain scan that proves or disproves psychopathy.   Or perhaps about the medical ethics of the implications of mis-using medical test results in this manner.  Or even the oddity of Ms. Newkirk or PETA calling for the use of technology that developed from knowledge gained by animal research.  I’m not going to look at these items.  Not yet anyway.

Instead, I am struck by the bizarre contrast of the condemnation of Michael Vick by Ms. Newkirk  and her justification, even self-adulation, of the vastly greater numbers of animals that she has killed on her own.   Even more striking is that praise she receives from others for her actions from other people who appear similarly oblivious to the conflict.  I am not defending Michael Vick by any stretch, but at least he has served jail time for his actions.  Ms. Newkirk speaks without hesitation of going in before shift in a shelter where she used to work, euthanizing countless animals to ’save them’ and uses it for media attention and fund-raising.  She speaks of euthanizing the old, the sick & the suffering, but to Ms. Newkirk any animal not running free in some wilderness is abused and suffering. 

Through her guidance and example, PETA euthanized 95% of the animals it received in 2008.  PETA calls this necessary, I call this horror.  Dead is dead.  There are few situations I can think of comparable to Ms. Newkirk’s actions and justifications.  None merit congratulation or self-adulation.

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