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The Chicago Dog Coach Protects Children

The Chicago Dog Coach Protects Children




 Update: It’s Time For Real Solutions On  Dog Bite Prevention For Children

Dog Bites  More Lethal Than Swine Flu



Ami Moore, The Expert Dog Training Expert provides an insiders look on dog bite prevention at the 12th  Annual YMCA Healthy Kids Day.  In urban areas, like Chicago  children are facing an epidemic of dog bites. The culprit? The family dog!


(Chicago, IL)—You needn’t look far for information on dog bite prevention for babies and children.  The question  Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Coach asks is this: are you really getting the full story on aggressive dogs? If the mainstream media provides any clues, the answer is no!


Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Expert,  a leading expert in dog training, aggressive dog rehabilitation and dog obedience training revealed, “It’s time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths. The real story here is that bad owners create biting dogs. The best way to stop children from suffering from dog bites is to hold the dog owner responsible for the actions of their dog.”


As a member of NICE, The National Institute of Canine Experts, Ami Moore provides dog bite prevention programs to community groups, social groups, business groups, schools and churches free of charge. “It is my duty as a citizen of Chicago to do my part in ensuring that our city is safe for children.” Ami continues, “Dog bites to children have reached epidemic proportions due to owner ignorance, laziness and irresponsibility.  Teaching children how to protect themselves from dog bites  with a fun and informative program Bite Prevention Program is my way of giving back to the community.”


Attendance as the 12th Annual Healthy Kids Day exceed expectations. The children and parents were delighted to interact with Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Coach.  As a American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator, Ami Moore distributed coloring books, activity books and other prizes that were provided by the AKC.


Ami said, “ The one thing that distressed me the most at the health fair is that most of the children and about half of the parents have already had a negative experience with a dog. My heart breaks for the unnecessary trauma that these people had suffered. Education would have prevented all of this.” 


Ami Moore, called by some the chicago dog whisperer, operates a boutique dog training company that services Chicago and all of America. Ami Moore uses her experience as a teacher, occupational therapist and coach to provide solutions for all of her dog related problems. Ami Moore is the author of “Alphatude Attitude” and is a trusted authority on dog aggression, dog bites and rehabilitator of aggressive dogs. Ami Moore has assisted the Illinois animal control officers, dog bite lawyers and concerned dog owners in rehabilitating dangerous dogs and is able to provide expert witness testimony in dog bite litigation.   Ami Moore can be reached at  or at 847-284-7760.  

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