The Butcher of Norfolks 2008 Numbers

Posted on 05/04/2009


PETA runs its own animal shelter at its headquarters in Virginia. 
According to Mr. Nathan Winograd, author of “Redemption”,

“Since 1998, PETA has killed over 20,000 animals. Over one year ago, I 
wrote a blog opining that the reason PETA slaughters virtually every 
animal it seeks out and “impounds” has more to do with Ingrid Newkirk’s 
dark impulses than with any ideology, philosophy, or belief in 
overpopulation. This followed a staggering 97% kill rate for animals in 
2006, despite millions of animal loving members, a world-wide reach, and 
a budget of tens of millions of dollars. It followed the killing of 
1,942 out of 1,960 cats they impounded. It followed the deaths of 988 
out of the 1,030 dogs they impounded. It followed the killing of 50 of 
the 52 rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals they took in. It followed 
the killing of the one and only chicken they impounded. That blog earned 
me a letter from PETA’s attorney threatening litigation for defamation.

Then came the 2007 numbers showing a 91% rate of killing—the killing of 
1,815 of the 1,997 animals they impounded. And so I reran the blog.

And now we have the 2008 figures and the slaughter—the needless, 
senseless, evil slaughter—continues with an equally staggering 96% kill 
rate. A paltry seven dogs and cats were adopted. A paltry 34 were 
transferred to an SPCA whose fates are not known. And out of 2,216 dogs 
and cats impounded, the rest were systematically put to death by PETA.
Killed: 555 of the 584 dogs.
Killed: 1,569 of the 1,589 cats.