PETA and Feminism

Posted on 04/25/2009


Unfortunately, PETA and “feminism” in the person of Gloria Steinem have been
in an unholy alliance for at least 3 or 4 years, that I know of. Here’s a
news item I have saved for an appropriate use:
Seen in the American for Medical Progress newsletter, July 12, 2006:

PETA is now using feminist Gloria Steinem as part of its campaign
against biomedical research. Steinem wrote a letter on behalf of PETA
to Vivian Pinn, Director of the NIH’s Office of Research on Women’s
Health, charging that NIH-sponsored animal research represents a triple
injustice –that it is cruel to animals, cheats taxpayers and leads to
“truly useful experiments” being under-funded or unfunded.

Steinem’s letter is featured on an new PETA attack website on women’s
health research:

Citing three specific projects funded by NIH, Steinem urged Pinn to
“address this cruelty, fraud and waste by drastically reducing reliance
on animal models and improving oversight of grant monies, thus also
saving the energy of citizen protest for causes that allow us all to
move forward together.”
By siding with PETA, Gloria has, in essence, come out AGAINST research on
breast cancer, one of the top killers of women! It’s like Sir Paul
McCartney, also a PETA supporter, who apparently doesn’t realize that the
research that might have saved his beloved Linda (died of breast cancer) is
being opposed and impeded by the group whose values he espouses. Paul also
doesn’t realize that he would no longer be able to have his horses, dogs and
sheep at his farm. But I digress…

I let my subscription to Ms Magazine expire because they were running ads
for groups like “Social Compassion in Farming” and I literally could not
read past the ads to get to the “meat” of the magazine. The National NOW
Times (National Organization for Women) also began running similar ads.
This business with Gloria was the last straw! Unfortunately, I had just
renewed my NOW membership for 3 years, so now I’m getting renewal notices,
which are going straight into the recycle bag.

How can someone like Gloria believe that stopping research on cancer and
other diseases & physical malfunctions is in the best interests of women and
other people? Until I get an answer to this that I can understand, I’m
choosing to support animal ownership and use, rather than supporting NOW!

Incidentally, researchers would love to be able to use fewer animals —
animals are expensive, and the work has to be cleared with one or more
Ethics Committees or IACUC (institutional animal care and use committee),
not to mention that they *know* that animal work isn’t 100% relevant to
humans. Among the reasons animals are used for research to benefit people
is that we don’t know nearly enough to study “computer models” or isolated
cells, or to go directly from cell culture studies to working on human