More About HSUS, The Political PETA

Posted on 04/25/2009


From A Yahoo Groups List!


Common lies:

All dogs in shelters came from a “breeder”  Big lie. Animal extremists KNOW this is pure BS but they figure the public doesn’t know it.

All animals killed in shelters are the fault of “breeders”  Lie.  There is no proof and there cannot be shown any proof, as there are no national shelter standards or intake requirements.  In fact, HSUS only tried to COUNT shelters nationwide in 2006, and they don’t know if they even got all of them. 

All wonderful purebred pets can be obtained in shelters, even for small kids  Lie. Re-homed dogs are 500% more likely to inflict a fatal attack. And there are NOT 20-30% purebreds in shelters. That is a lie made up by animal extremists.

All shelters have great pets.  All commercial kennels have crappy dogs. Huge Lie. No foundation for this lie. About 30% of shelter dogs are recycled back into shelters. Unfortunately, many shelter dogs are exposed to diseases and excessive stress which does not make them easier to sell. There is no evidence that all commercial kennel dogs are either abused or ill. In fact commercial kennel dogs are highly sought after in shelters, despite the AR talk.

All homeless pets are because of “breeders” Another huge lie. LOL This is so far fetched it’s pathetic. The majority of shelter animals are mixed breed,unknown origin, male juveniles which don’t get adopted. such dogs are NOT the result of planned breeding, but usually from unplanned tie of 2 unknown dogs in same neighborhood.

All  non adopted dogs in shelters are because of “breeders”  Another lie. When dogs/cats don’t get adopted–it’s for 2 reasons. Inadequate marketing, and failure to use targeted or free, low cost altering to lower the number of incoming, unwanted animals. Feral cats are usually not adoptable and can make up to 70% of the killed animals.

All commercial kennels are mills. Lie.  Commercial kennels are not all mills, they are legal and not necessarily out of compliance. But HSUS instead USES their DOG RAIDS to claim all kennels abuse dogs. In fact, there aredog raids where no dogs are abused at all, yet the dogs are all seized and killed, or seized and sold by shelters.

Media lies like the above, fuel the public into having emotional contempt for dog breeders. Yet dog breeders are probably the ONLY people trying to keep good dogs out there. No, they are not usually inexpensive. And no, a milled dog doesn’t mean it cannot be a good dog (contrary to the extremists)

More deception:  HSUS Campaign Groups  [Stop “Puppy Mills”]   (Using BS to claim all breeders of any kind are abusive, unethical,responsible for every dog in every shelter)

Factory Farming–   (Working on forcing animal producers to use different animal enclosures)

Fur-free–(Elimination of all hunting and clothing or any other uses of fur)

Humane Society Youth   (Indoctrination of children to vegan lifestyle and against animal use, business, ownership, etc. Children will not realize they are being brainwashed……)

HSUS State Groups    New York, and Tennessee 

HSUS ADMITS:  Agenda of the HSUS  ”More money will mean more pet protection, but also more ballot initiatives to restrict inhumane and unsporting hunting practices, more state legislation, more local ordinances.”

IF….  HSUS wants to save so many dogs, or cats, then why doesn’t HSUS donate $50 million to 100 shelters? 200 shelters?  Because HSUS is NOT about saving individual or shelter dogs, that’s why. HSUS JUST  wants to  stop  people from using, owning or selling animals—by making it so expensive, so difficult, so laden with red tape, bureaucratic nightmares, penal code violations, search/seizure problems, NO DUE PROCESS………

 They want no farming with animals. No zoos. Nothing having to do with people using an animals in any form, any business. Nothing. HSUS as actually the “Political PETA.”

And if we don’t get enough of the public informed, we will have nothing, and you will have nothing. No pets. No ownership. No nothing.