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Posted on 04/23/2009


HSUS: Fools, and Limbaugh, rush in

Posted By Susan Crowell On April 22, 2009 @ 12:35 pm In CommentaryColumns | 4 Comments

He calls himself “America’s No. 1 Truth Detector,” but conservative radio talk show host [1] Rush Limbaugh must not have researched the [2] Humane Society of the United States very well before he recorded two [3] “statements of support” for the animal rights lobbying organization.

The first public service announcement lauds the HSUS effort to bust dog fighting rings and the other focuses on the group’s outreach to churches. You can find links to both on his homepage,

Remember the cries of “flip flop, flip flop” that rang out on the floor of the 2004 Republican National Convention? The same might be said of good ol’ Rush. A year ago, according to Philadelphia Inquirer political reporter Amy Worden, Limbaugh “was assailing Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden as leftist liberals for the HSUS endorsements they received in the U.S. Senate.”

Now, he sounds like Doris Day in his ringing praise of the radical group in sheep’s clothing.

Rush, repeat after me: The [4] Humane Society of the United States does not speak for nor have any link to local unwanted pet shelters or humane societies. The Humane Society of the United States is a group that pushes — hard! — for an end to hunting, for an end to use of meat animals for food, and for an end to all “animal-based foods”.

Like Rush, country music artist Carrie Underwood also recently got snookered into thinking HSUS was about animal rescue and animal charity. She’s donating a portion of the sales of her new digital single, Home Sweet Home, to the Humane Society of the United States. “… We felt it was important to tie the release into an amazing animal charity like the HSUS,” Underwood says on her Web site.

Well, that amazing animal charity raised an estimated $34 million in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to help pet owners in that region find their displaced pets. Yet, according to The [5] Center for Consumer Freedom, public disclosures of the dispersal of that $34 million add up to less than $7 million. That’s not an animal charity, that’s a fundraising, lobbying, agenda-setting public relations powerhouse.

Here’s the thing: We are all concerned about animal welfare, and all of us, farmers and consumers like, should be concerned about how livestock are handled. It is a social, ethical value that none would argue. However, we will remain firmly on opposite sides of the aisle because the animal rights activists believe raising animals for food is morally wrong.

Here’s the Earth Day message from the Humane Society of the United States: “… if we really want to put our concern for the planet into practice, we can make a huge difference by simply enjoying more plant-based foods.”

That’s not an animal welfare message, that’s a push for vegetarianism, plain and simple

(And once again, I repeat, I’m not against those who choose to be vegetarians. It is a choice, and I support your freedom to make that choice.)

Rush and Carrie, please support family farmers, not mega-money raising machines that would ultimately hurt family farmers.

Readers, I encourage you to voice your opinion to Rush himself, and ask him to reconsider his support of HSUS. You can e-mail him at [6] My letter went out last week.



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