Texans Follow in Illinois Foosteps-Kick HSUS Bill to Curb

Posted on 04/22/2009


Dear Readers,

Another HSUS sponsored bill that is filled with lies and speculation bit the dust in Texas. The more they tell lies, the more we tell the truth and the more we put a whipping on ’em.  We have the same fight in over 30 states this year and the  ringleader is HSUS. So Texans, congratulations. You beat up on a bully-now you need to turn your attention to Rush Limbaugh.

Ami Moore

Director of NICE


FROM: Zandra Anderson

SB 634: Senate Committee Hearing 4/21/09

We had an excellent turnout of responsible owners who came across eloquently
in their testimony to the committee. The proponents of this bill had only
three people testify but had others sign cards in support. They had 28 in
support. But guess what? We had 28 in opposition and most of our people
testified! And did so very effectively. Everyone kept their cool even when
one of our APBT owners was asked if he fights his dogs by Sen. Whitmire. He
handled the question without getting flustered explaining that he owns show

Owners explained how dogs are different and that most employed a combination
of kennel runs and tethering to keep their dogs, and also many had house
dogs. Another APBT owner’s dogs hunted, worked cattle and were show
dogs–very impressive– demonstrating that it is what you do with a dog that
is more important than how you contain your dog. Quite a few speakers
referenced the Cornell study which was very effective (thanks Mary Beth for

Laura explained how she would be in violation of the law because she puts
one of her old girls in a kennel (10 x 10) when she leaves because she has
dementia and cannot be crated anymore. This would be a ridiculous
application of the law and she made a great point.

I pointed out how a dog can have full access to an owner’s home and to the
outside via a doggy door and still be in violation if the yard space does
not fit the dimensions required. For example, if an owner has 4 Chihuahuas
and a tiny dog door for them to go in and out as they please, if the yard is
not 600 square feet (150 for each dog), then the owner can be charged with a
Class C misdemeanor which can be as much as $500 per dog or $2000. A person
who cannot pay this fine could lose their dogs only to have euthanasia rates
all over the state take a dramatic rise. Also, some owners would turn their
dogs loose which is a bad idea. If animal control cannot keep loose dogs off
the streets, do you think they honestly want to start focusing on contained

Jeff pointed out how the Cornell study did not find dogs to be more
aggressive that were tethered versus kennelled. He explained how much space
a 10′ tether gives (about 360 square feet) which is much greater than a 150
square foot kennel. The key is what sort of interaction with people and
attention they get. We have cruelty laws that address containment of dogs
currently on the books.

I also pointed how this bill can put boarding facilities, dog trainers and
rescue shelters out of existence if they have to provide 150 square feet for
every dog they have that goes outside unattended. Many people cannot afford
to re-build kennels or get them in the first place and with the economic
times we are in, more people will lose their dogs.

Also, wanted to mention that some of our group rented a church van (extra
big van) to drive over to Austin in. They vowed that next time it would be a
bus if we need it! You gotta’ love it! What wonderful enthusiasm dedicated
to the protection of our rights as owners of the dogs we all love!

Oh, and the appearance by Tammy Grimes, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, fell
rather flat. She mentioned that she was attacked by a Chow in her kitchen
which was a dog that had been chained. She was apparently attacked as a kid
from a dog that had been rescued from a chain but not socialized. Not too
sure why you would have an unsocialized dog in your kitchen, but not very

I make these points because I think today was a good educational experience
for the committee. Plus, our group did an excellent job of educating.
Everyone stayed calm and hit on all sorts of different points. I am very
proud of our showing. We are standing up for our rights as dog owners and
you know what? It feels good. Kudos to all who came and voiced their
opposition and to all who helped the cause by writing, faxing and calling.
Great job everyone! Let’s keep the momentum going.


RPOA Texas Outreach (501C4 Nonprofit)
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (501C3 Nonprofit)