OBAMA’s Animal Rights Friends Turn on Him-Is That A Surprise

Posted on 04/22/2009


The Doctor is Out(raged)

By ESaunders AR-HR.com

In a previous article, I spoke of the members of the Animal Rights and Rescue  community who were up in arms; condemning President Obama for making what he considered to be the best choice of dog for his children.   Unfortunately Dr. Jana Kohl, author of ”A Rare Breed of Love” and HSUS puppymill campaign spokesperson,  has been no exception in the cries of outrage.

Dr. Kohl was quoted in an article on PRNewswire, “”In breaking his pledge to adopt a dog, the President not only made a mockery of the book he’s currently featured in on the subject of puppy mills and adoption, he will also be contributing to a pet overpopulation epidemic that’s costing us billions each year. In these terrible economic times, when so many Americans are tearfully turning in their dogs to shelters because they can no longer afford to feed them, it’s particularly insensitive and out of touch for Senator Kennedy and the President to have gotten a dog from a breeder instead of choosing one from a shelter.”

This kind of outrage from Dr. Kohl is disturbing on a number of levels, for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost is the utter disregard for the health and safety of President Obama’s children.  Dr. Kohl is a clinical psychologist. (Disclosure: I am unaware if she is or has been licensed by the American Psychological Association)  For a health professional to have such a lack of consideration for the importance of child’s health as the prime factor in the Obama’s decision is troubling.  For a mental health professional to have so little regard for the guilt, sorrow &  loss a child would experience over the potential gain and loss of a series of dogs subsequently sent away due to the child’s own allergies is shocking.  Secondly, Dr. Kohl  has spent a significant amount of time working in the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies.  She has spent significant time surrounded by the devastating effects of racial hatred and bigotry.  In combination with her extensive psychological training, how could she be blind to the sheer offensiveness of the expression of such ‘ownership’ over the future actions of the first African American president of the United States?  This is hard to interpret as anything but outrage over actions Dr. Kohl considers bought and paid for, actions that are believed to extend even to President Obama’s own children.  Thirdly, the air of entitlement  in this statement is outrageous.  Dr Kohl has already benefited financially by having Baby, her adopted & 3-legged miniature poodle, photographed in the arms of the now President of the United States.  This has doubtlessly increased the sales of her book, A Rare Breed of Love, the proceeds of which Dr. Kohl is free to use as she sees fit.

But when it comes to choosing a pet for his children, President Obama is owned by no one, indebted to no one and will hopefully never lose a moment’s sleep over the outcry.  Dr. Kohl, heal thyself, you go too far.  One with your credentials should surely recognize it.

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