HSUS, Ms. Pickens and HOAX!!!

Posted on 04/22/2009


Here is a story that seems to show that HSUS and Ms. Pickens deliberately created a hoax designed to make a school look bad. Shame on HSUS and shame on Rush.

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Coach



Cruelty story a hoax?


April 18, 2009 12:22 am

— As a concerned Oklahoma veterinarian I believe that the recent story involving a large gift allegedly being redirected away from the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine was largely a hoax designed to expand the political and fundraising agenda of Humane Society of the United States in Oklahoma. 
HSUS is a national organization that uses sensational stories involving animals to encourage donations to their organization.
The story broke when a wealthy friend of HSUS, Madeline Pickens, told the press that she was, “redirecting,” a grant she had made for the veterinary teaching college to another college within the university. 
Her statements implied that the grant had been made and would now be withdrawn and sent to a different part of the university system. 
She said she was doing this because of cruelty allegations leveled against the veterinary teaching college by an anonymous person claiming to be a student at the college. 
The allegations by Pickens showed no proof that such a donation was actually under way and could therefore be “redirected.” 
Within 24 hours of the media announcement the pending grant was revealed to be a bogus claim because the veterinary college had never been given a formal grant proposal to accept or decline. 
The alleged “student” informant was not identified and the alleged “improper”, cruel and barbaric teaching protocol was shown to have never existed at the college. 
As the story fell apart, HSUS had already posted a Web site devoted to thanking Ms. Pickens for her action and asking the public to communicate with her within a format that directed the comments to Ms. Pickens but retained the e-mail addresses for HSUS fundraising purposes. 
No proof has been cited from Pickens to substantiate her claims regarding the gift or the teaching protocol. 
The HSUS Web site, which immediately established Pickens as a leader in animal welfare in Oklahoma, was used to offset the flood of questions surrounding her allegations as the college was beginning to debunk the information in the initial Pickens press statement. 
By the time the cruelty discussion opened up, the issue of the bogus claim regarding the donation faded into the background and the non-existent teaching protocols were still nowhere to be found. 
The allegedly redirected money faded into a well-orchestrated publicity campaign by HSUS which obscured the bogus claims by Pickens and the student. 
This hoax placed a high profile and very wealthy donor as the front for HSUS with the organization named nowhere except on the Internet site posted by HSUS. 
All teaching programs and research programs involving live animals must have documentation, which is required by the federal government. 
This documentation must uphold the accreditation of the teaching program and cannot be altered because someone wants to make a gift in order to alter it. 
When our organization attempted to investigate the recent allegations it was determined that:
Federal documentation has never existed to substantiate the claims made against the OSU veterinary teaching college.
The college could not confirm that any news organization or organization representing Ms. Pickens had requested the teaching protocol in the months prior to making claims regarding the teaching protocol. 
No student has admitted making the statements alleged. 
All gifts must be assessed for suitability and there is a paper trail; this gift was never formally offered or accepted and could not have been “redirected” at the request of Pickens or anyone else. 
As a practicing veterinarian representing many in our profession, I am extremely concerned. I have been and will continue to be very vocal. Serious allegations were made against the veterinary teaching college. 
The allegations lack credibility and obviously were a fabrication. 
If the claims were true, federal documents would be easy enough to find, but none exist. No former students or staff corroborate the story. 
This may have involved a disgruntled student or someone like HSUS who intends to use this hoax for fundraising purposes. 
The timeline includes:
After the so-called gift was allegedly declined by the vet school, someone provided Pickens with a press release, which included information that is both unsubstantiated and/or is completely false.
Before Ms. Pickens’ claims could be held to any accountability in the press, HSUS had opened a website to thank her so that even if she underwent some criticism, she would be overwhelmed by thanks.
No person was named as the source of the information.
No documentation exists to show that any improper teaching protocol ever existed. 
The tax-paying public needs to rest assured that the administration, faculty and staff at the Center for Veterinary Health are doing an excellent job with our professional school and they do not deserve the distractions I have presented in this letter.
With the recent publicity afforded the Chris DeRose group representing “Last Chance for Animals”, I thought it important to present the real reason and convenient timing the money-hungry HSUS used Ms. Pickens to advance their animal rights agenda.

Charles R. Freeman, DVM
Altus, OK

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