An Open Letter To Supporters of HSUS-RUSH LIMBAUGH

Posted on 04/22/2009


Please, Rush, tell us that you don’t *really* support the Humane Society of the United States! Not you, of all people!

We have listened to you for years, we’ve trusted your judgment, we’ve believed in your research…and now we’re left perplexed and confused. We know how devoted you are to your little Punkin, so how can it be that you have voluntarily aligned yourself with the HSUS? This has to have been an accident or you must have been deceived.

With your intellect, your keen insights, and your solid research on past topics, it’s very hard to believe that you weren’t able to discover the truth about the HSUS and their true agenda! You must have been cornered by someone or rushed into making a decision without being given time to uncover the facts. In my heart, I cannot believe that you actually endorsed the HSUS without first digging up the facts.

The HSUS is a “humane society” in name only, Rush! At this very moment, dog and cat owners and breeders are fighting tooth and nail against anti-pet legislation that is being pushed by the HSUS! Despite their claims, they believe all pet breeding is immoral (even when immaculate care and conditions standards are followed, even when every precaution under the sun is taken to prevent inherited health defects in any kittens or puppies produced). They believe that pet *ownership* is wrong!

Wayne Pacelle is an avowed vegan! He would knock your steak right off your plate! Forget about a nice rack of lamb or juicy barbequed ribs. Wayne and the HSUS have even published their very own guide to vegetarian eating. You can get your own copy here:

I know it’s hard not to believe Wayne. He has such an “honest” face and he is an absolute master of the plaintive look when begging for the “protection” of aniimals. Animals for whom he cares not at all, except when he can exploit them and play upon the emotions of millions of American citizens, to coerce them into making yet another donation to his tax exempt charity(?). After all, he needs the money to help those animals. How is he helping them? He’s doing his dead-level best to help them OUT of our lives. Yes, in a heartbeat, he would love to see Punkin taken away from you, and he even wishes to never see another Punkin or Fido born! He said so himself. (But just between you and me, Wayne gets really upset and strident when he’s called out on his lies and his true mission. In fact, he gets downright nasty when his two-faced persona gets exposed.)

C’mon, Rush. Do your listeners and all the Punkins of the world a huge favor. Please dig deep, find out just what makes the HSUS tick, and blow the whistle on them! What a journalistic coup that would be! No one in the media has yet had the courage to take a public stance again the HSUS. Be a trailblazer, Rush. We know that you and you alone can do this. Let the truth be known!

You can start your research here:

I’m looking forward to your broadcast when you get this all figured out.