Posted on 04/12/2009


Will the Presidential PWD Pup Breeder Become the Target of Death Threats Like VP Biden Pup Breeder?

By ESaunders AR-HR.com

Congratulations to the daughters of the Obama family on their beautiful new Portuguese Water Dog pup, Bo.  He is a gorgeous dog and by all reports a healthy and well-mannered pup as well.  They are lucky to have found him, as he is lucky to have found them.  Given the highly active atmosphere of the White House and the allergy issues within the family, its a wise move to obtain a dog of known temperment, background and breeding to fulfil the narrow parameters involved.  Shelter dogs can be wonderful, but a shelter dog is not necessarily a good fit for every family.

However, the near future for Bo’s breeder does not bode well.  Vice-President Biden got a German Shepard pup from dog breeder, Linda Brown, back in December.  Since that time, Ms. Brown, has been the subject of :

  • A series of rapid-fire inspections of her kennel based on anonymous complaints
  • Libelous and unsubstantiated accusations by PETA, which have been subsequently picked up and run as news in mainstream media
  • Ridiculous citations, including citation for a single piece of kibble on the ground and 5 strands of dog hair. (with photographs of such entered into evidence)
  • Death threats to herself and to VP Biden

On March 31, after having to spend $4000 in legal fees, Linda Brown was cleared of all citations by a judge but the harassment continues and damage to her reputation lingers on.  All of this in the 4 months since VP Biden was announced to be getting a pup from her.  President Obama and VP Biden have the Secret Service at their disposal to deal with death threats, the dog breeders do not.  Will the breeder of the First Pup be subjected to this kind of ongoing horror story for simply fulfilling a family’s wish to add a dog to a high-profile household?  Will the breeder of the First Pup also find herself harassed by individuals, activist groups and by law enforcement?  Will the death threats, god forbid, eventually result in the death of a dog or a person? 

Given Linda Brown’s experiences since the sale of a pup to VP Biden, I commend the breeder of the First Pup on her courage in stepping into the spotlight on this and wish her the best of luck.  She’s going to need it.

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