Posted on 04/12/2009


Animal Rights and Rescue Groups Condemn Obama for Making Best Choice for his Children

By ESaunders AR-HR.com

Isn’t this a pretty picture.  Animal Rights and Rescue groups are gearing up a propaganda machine of complaints against President Obama for making an informed choice of dog for his children.  The hue and cry boils down to “How dare he choose his children over a shelter dog?”

PAWS Chicago and other rescuers are already messaging on Twitter to anyone that will pay attention ”there are 4 (Portuguese Water Dogs) on PetFinder today and a whole litter of PWD on adoptapet. Just had to look!”  Except that this is an outright lie.  The dogs currently available on these sites are all mixes, with the exception of 1 ‘possibly’ purebred senior female with issues likely making her unsuitable for the White House environment. 

The Obamas have been very clear that they needed to get a non-shedding dog due to allergies in one child from the beginning.  They indicated a preference for 2 types, the Portuguese Water Dog and the similar looking Labrador-Poodle mix often referred to as a Labradoodle.  They would have quickly found out that the chances of a Labrador-Poodle mix shedding were 50-50, and so this mix dropped off the radar.  This resulted in the Obamas opting for a 6 month old PWD pup, a known quantity of established temperament that suited the required criteria for the health of one of their children.

What have we come to when a family, even the First Family, is slammed for putting the health and wishes of their child above petty politics?  These Animal Rights and Rescue groups are angry over a lost public relations opportunity in their crusade against all pet breeders, not over the sake of a single dog adoption.  As a person who supports and participates in rescue, I find this incredibly embarrassing.  These are the same groups that preach making a careful, informed and responsible choice.  Now they are ready to string up the First Family for doing exactly that and it is shameful.

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