Baby the Three Legged Dog-Broke Her Leg 5 Different Ways-HUH?

Posted on 04/03/2009


According to my own count, there are 5 different versions, all told by ARs, of how Baby lost her leg:

“One day, Baby’s left front leg was broken. The leg was left untreated for more than 10 years, and ultimately had to be amputated. ”

“Baby’s leg had to be amputated after her rescue because it had been broken so many times during her 10 years of being used for breeding in a puppy mill.”

“At her foster home, Baby jumped off a sofa and broke her leg. Normally, a dog’s leg could be set and healed, but Baby had been deprived of proper nutrition, exercise and veterinary care so long that the bones never healed, despite three attempts at setting her leg. She eventually had to have the leg amputated.”
interview with Jana Kohl who adopted Baby

“One of Baby’s legs had been so badly mangled in her former cage that it had to be amputated,”


(here Jana adopted the dog after the leg was amputated)
“Horrified that such a thing exists in this world, she decided to adopt Baby, an older dog with one amputated leg and one of the survivor of a puppy mill, and subsequently went on a crusade to raise awareness of cruelty toward animals. ”

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