We Are Winning-Listen to Wayne Whine!!!!

Posted on 04/01/2009


Here is a post in which our efforts as good Americans to fight against bad dog laws is having an effect. If you really want to stop HSUS/PETA join NICE, www.nicenow.org. And then get 50 more people intouch with the truth about HSUS/PETA. If nothing else, tell people to never donate money to HSUS/PETA. Every dollar you give HSUS/PETA equal another dead dog.

Battling to Breed Better Laws

Posted: 01 Apr 2009 02:31 PM PDT

Today, Oregon’s largest newspaper, The Oregonian, endorsed legislation, H.B. 2470, to crack down on puppy mills by setting standards for the care of dogs used for commercial production and capping the number of sexually intact dogs a puppy mill operator can maintain at 50. It’s a moderate bill, and similar to those in more than 25 other states. The provisions vary by state, but all these bills are grounded on the principle that the nation has a serious puppy mill problem and that government must step in and impose some limits to protect helpless creatures.
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Two dogs rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill in March.
In the last few months, The HSUS and law enforcement officials have raided nine puppy mills, and rescued dogs from deplorable mistreatment. We found animals near starvation, animals with parasites and matted fur, animals living in filth with an ammonia smell that burned the lungs of our rescue teams, and animals in overcrowded conditions without any ability to exercise or receive loving attention. These were factory farms for dogs, and the puppies were nothing but a cash crop. The millers would minimize their expenses by depriving the dogs of any semblance of a decent life.

In addition to the raids, we’ve conducted a series of investigations of pet stores, including Petland, documenting the flow of dogs from Midwest-based puppy mills to pet stores, to pinpoint the key links in the chain of sale to an unsuspecting public. We’ve looked into auctions where puppy millers sell mother dogs after they are done with them, extending their miserable exploitation as breeders. And we’ve done investigations that have revealed a massive undercounting of commercial puppy mill operations. There are perhaps more than 10,000 mills in the nation, with Missouri accounting for more than 3,000, and then Oklahoma and Iowa the next biggest.

Last year, I appeared with Bill Smith of Main Line Animal Rescue of Pennsylvania on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” demonstrating to the nation that the puppy mill industry is thriving and dogs are being abused. We followed up by working together, along with the ASPCA, on legislation to crack down on puppy mill operations in Pennsylvania—“the puppy mill capitol of the East.”

But despite overwhelming evidence of abuse, including the mass shooting of dogs by puppy mill operators in the state, we faced stiff opposition from dog breeders, and not just the organized puppy mill industry. Many rank-and-file breeders, along with the NRA and others, fought this legislation. Thanks to determined efforts by leaders in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, and the unflinching and active support of Gov. Ed Rendell and his Department of Agriculture, we got legislation enacted.

This year, with all of the awareness and exposés of puppy mill abuses, there are more reform efforts than ever in the states—from Maine to California, and more than half the states in between. And again, what we get is vitriol and antagonism from zealous dog breeders, silence or opposition from the American Kennel Club on the legislation, and even resistance from a few state veterinary medical organizations.
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Nearly 1,000 dogs were at this W.Va. mill.