PETA and Death Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Posted on 04/01/2009


Like peanut butter and jelly, PETA and killing go together

March 30, 5:13 PM · 20 comments

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Well, the new numbers are out, and most people will agree—when it comes to companion animals, PETA really sucks.

In a press release sent earlier this week from the Center for Consumer Freedom, it is reported that PETA, despite its $32 million dollar budget, killed 2,124 pets last year, while adopting out only seven.
Yea, that’s right…seven.
It should be noted here that the Center for Consumer Freedom is funded in large part by the very groups PETA attacks, and is considered a front group for such companies like Coca-Cola, Tyson Foods and the Wendy’s Corporation. However, the PETA’s statistics for 2008 came straight from the Virginia’s state reporting agency, and can be officially verified.
PETA’s pet extermination program (for how else can such practices be defined?) kills on average six pets per day, every day. In conjunction with the animal rights group’s abysmal adoption statistics and hypocritical behavior, they have had unequaled success in proving the argument that a reclassification from a  “humane society” (I know, don’t laugh) to a slaughterhouse may be warranted.
And they’re quite unrepentant about it, too.
Despite its huge bankroll, PETA does not operate an adoption facility at its Norfolk, VA headquarters—or anywhere else in the world. Nor do their employees attempt to adopt the animals they are responsible for, as evidenced by their killing of 95% of animals entrusted to their care. They run a death camp, plain and simple.
While browbeating the world not to eat meat or wear fur, as well as doggedly harassing circuses, farms, fishermen and the fast-food industry, PETA shamelessly engages in the senseless slaughter of the very animals we most identify with—cats and dogs.
With their continued hypocrisy, PETA brings into question their credibility on all issues critical to the humane treatment of animals everywhere; for how can an organization so casual about the killing of helpless pets be a voice for any other animal in need?
PETA advocating the humane treatment of farm animals, while killing vast numbers of our nation’s pets — is like John Wayne Gacy advocating an end to child abuse, while murdering teenagers in his basement.
Sadly, like peanut butter and jelly, PETA and killing just seem to go hand in hand.

Like millions of other nonprofit groups in the United States, PETA’s tax-exempt status was granted by the U.S. government on the basis of the group’s willingness to conduct itself in a lawful fashion, and therefore PETA pays no federal taxes on its income. Yet unlike those other organizations, PETA openly advocates breaking the law. Click here to listen to PETA vegetarian campaign director Bruce Friedrich encouraging activists to commit arson against restaurants, medical laboratories, and banks.
If you would like to see the IRS strip PETA of its 501c non-profit status, please sign the petition, and let PETA know you do not advocate violence as a means to support humanitarian efforts, and that “humane society’s” should not be in the business of killing the vast majority of their pets; or, at the very least, attempting to adopt out the animals they are responsible for.