Dog Breeding as Bad As Making Meth?

Posted on 03/30/2009


Thinking about breeding a pet? Prepare to be fingerprinted

By ESaunders

Under what circumstances would you agree to be fingerprinted by law enforcement?  (other than arrest of course?)  Never? To qualify for a job? What about to participate in a hobby or to run your own business?

This is just one of the unbelievable requirements of “Chloe’s bill”, the “Puppy Mill bill”, more accurately known as House Bill 0198/Senate Bill 52 in the Illinois legislature.  According to this bill, anyone with “3 or more female dogs for the purpose of the sale of their offspring” must be licensed under the act.  Anyone who must be licensed applies for a license must have their fingerprints submitted to the Illinois State Police in an electronic format  compliant with the form and manner for requesting and furnishing criminal history record information”  Furthermore, unannounced inspections may be conducted at any time.

So, the short form, if you have 3 female dogs that you keep in your home, have 3 litters ever and do anything but give them away you are required to:

  • Submit and have your fingerprints filed with the State Police
  • Allow your home be inspected at anytime unannounced.

All for a hobby.  Few jobs require a fingerprint background check, few businesses have a legislated requirement of unannounced inspections and even fewer permit unannounced access to an individuals home.  Yet this level of legislation is being proposed for individuals breeding dogs at a hobby level?  Should a background check for assault be required to play on a soccer team?  Should you be treated like a chop shop, with police wandering through your garage at will,  if your hobby is to restore and resell cars?  Should you have to undergo a background check for fraud before you can start any small business?  Be inspected randomly by the Department of Agriculture idf you raise roses?  How does any of this seem reasonable at all?

Commercial level pet breeders are already governed by the US Department of Agriculture and we are all governed by the animal cruelty laws already on the books.  Why is this necessary?  Why isn’t existing legislation being enforced instead of badly written and unjust legislation being proposed?

 Copyright 2009 by Erica Saunders
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