The ARF Agenda

Posted on 03/24/2009


These bills are fundamentally flawed and cannot be fixed with amendments.

Fact is breeder licensing, breeding bans, and mandatory pet spay/neutering laws arise out of a radical, extremist philosophy – the philosophy of “animal rights.”

Wayne Pacelle: (Vegan President, Humane Society of the US) “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”

Ingrid Newkirk: (Vegan Director, PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals) “For one thing we would no longer allow breeding. People could not create
different breeds. If people had companion animals in their homes, these animals would have to be refugees from the animal shelter and the streets. But as the surplus of cats and dogs declined, eventually companion animals
would be phased out and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship – enjoyment at a distance.”

Plank 10 of the Animal Rights Agenda is: “Stop any further breeding of companion animals, including purebred dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering should be subsidized by state and municipal governments. Abolish commerce in animals for the pet trade. Eliminate pet ownership.”

“Animal Rights” Extremists work 24/7 to legislate pet ownership out of existence. Propaganda is being spread by the extremists to create a crisis and get laws passed to end all use, breeding and ownership of animals for
any reason whether you eat them, wear them or pet them.

Just give them a “tool,” the extremists always say. It doesn’t matter if proposed legislation states 10 or 100 intact dogs/cats allowed, their goal is to get the “tool” to end ALL pet breeding.

Animal Rights Extremists present information based on faulty assumptions and oftentimes lie outright to influence legislation. The extremists get city ordinances passed which are then enforced by “animal rights” volunteers who
canvass neighborhoods. This is being considered at the present time in Dallas and San Antonio. Volunteers in Palm Beach County, FL will be given used uniforms and training to knock on doors and check all dogs and cats for sex organs.

With this type legislation, all dog and cat breeding is “at the discretion” of one city staff person — the Animal Control Director in each city — who can play God by selecting which breeds will become extinct. Legislation
proposed this session clearly exposes their agenda. This is not a “breeder” issue, it’s a “pet” issue.

“Animal Rights” came to the U.S. from England where the extremists succeeded in getting Pedigree to cancel its 40-year sponsorship and BBC to suspend coverage of the Crufts Dog Show (entry of 28,000 dogs) following a biased documentary against pedigree dogs.

The extremists now want to END ALL U.S. DOG SHOWS AND PERFORMANCE EVENTS. PETA demonstrators dressed as Klansmen were at the Westminster Dog Show this year comparing AKC to the KKK. They also demonstrated at the Dallas Dog Show in 2008 against purebred dogs and dog breeders.

All of this is information your legislator should have before considering his vote on this legislation. We’ll have more on our website later. They are always glad to talk to their constituents. When calling, ask for the person in charge of these bills.