HSUS/PETA The Devil in A Dress of Salad

Posted on 03/15/2009


“The devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape”

The devil walks among us and he is Legion.
He wraps himself in gentle language.
He whispers the words we want to hear.
He promises green pastures and still waters.
He speaks of a land where animals walk in peace and safety; free from
human interference

He promises life in one hand and holds death in the other.

There are only two ways to acheive the dream of a world where animals
are free from human interference: the end of animals or the end of

We lost Eden a long time ago, it isn’t coming back. We’ve never
since been promised Heaven on Earth, not by anyone to be trusted.
The promise of Heaven has always been on another plane entirely. Its
human to wish for it back, the thought is so beautiful, but it is
foolish to believe. History is full of groups and individuals who
have promised their vision of Heaven on Earth, tried to remake the
world in their own image. They have been responsible for pain beyond

The Animal Rights is a dream of death, a sad and deluded dream, like
the parent that ‘saves’ their child from the sorrows of life in a
murder-suicide. It is a dream of turning away from life: a sickness,
a fevered dream, a mass delusion and it is contagious.

The medicine is bitter and oh so hard to swallow. Nothing can
sweeten it, nothing can disguise it. We must give up the dream of
Eden. We must wake up, stand and face the day. Every animal fights
for survival every day of its life. So must we, or the collective
madness will continue and the contagion will spread.

Copyright 2009 by Erica Saunders