Animal Rights And Veganism:The New Religous Cult

Posted on 03/15/2009


Animal Rights in the legal system. the new Crusades?

I think the whole legal battle against Animal Rights battle comes
down to this: We’re trying to use sense and reason to battle
religion. AR is based on pure religion wrapped up in pure ego.

The leaders have wrapped themselves in the light of the anointed and
declared themselves Gods or at minimum patron saints without doing us
the kindness of martyrdom. The followers of the movement accept the
words of the leaders as worshipers. “We will lead you out of
darkness into the light. We will deliver animals into an Eden of our

Religion doesn’t need sense, it needs fervor and faith and demons to
battle against. To the AR leadership, we are the unbelievers, the
infidel, the devil and they are out to destroy what they cannot
convert. PETA attacks like it is the crusades, HSUS approaches the
issue using the reservation system as applied to the Native
Americans, isolate and marginalize until there is no choice but to

Copyright 2009 by Erica Saunders