Oprah and Now Mrs. Pickens-Mesmerized by HSUS

Posted on 03/14/2009


Setting the Record Straight
March 3, 2009

I am sure that many of you have heard of Madeline Pickens’ gift of $5 million, which was “withdrawn” from the College of Veterinary Medicine recently. This was supposedly done because of alleged animal abuse. As a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine, I consider this an absurd accusation.Did you know that Mrs. Pickens is a member of the extremist animal rights organization Humane Society of United States (HSUS)? Further, did you know that HSUS is not an organization that is about taking in stray, neglected or abused animals? To my knowledge, the HSUS does not run spay or neutering programs. Contrary to the soulful pictures of dogs and cats on its brochures and publicity materials, the Human Society is most likely not affiliated with your local animal shelter.

Here are a few more facts of which you may be unaware: while most local animal shelters are under-funded, as of December, 2008, I’ve read that HSUS has accumulated $113 million in assets. That means they raise enough money to finance animal shelters in every single state – with money left over! But you know what? I’ve also read that the HSUS doesn’t operate a single animal shelter anywhere. It seems to me that someone who professes such a love for animals should provide for the care of at least a few….

To set the record straight, it’s fair to note that the alleged gift by Mrs. Pickens had never actually been made to the college. Rather, it was offered as a bribe to get the college to endorse Mrs. Pickens’ radical animal rights viewpoint. When the dean refused to restructure the school curriculum tailored to her specifications based on the money she was offering, Mrs. Pickens withdrew the offer.

Well, it’s her money and she gets to do with it what she pleases. But let’s just be honest here and follow the animal rights discussion to its logical conclusion.

Make no mistake about it: I believe that organizations such as these actually put animal rights ahead of people’s rights. If society were to follow these principles to the nth degree, people would starve. Food prices would be astronomical. And this is what is inconceivable to me. The organization’s stated purpose always seems lofty and noble and honorable on the face of it … and people always rally to the cause of their pets. But the practical application always seems to result in people’s rights being violated.

As a doctor of veterinary medicine, it should go without saying that I love animals. And I respect people’s love and devotion to their pets and to the more business aspect of livestock. I’m committed to the cause of that and do everything I can to further that cause.

I am, however, not an admirer of the Humane Society and their goals. I believe their ultimate goal is to actually restructure society into an atmosphere where people’s rights are limited severely so that perceived animal rights can triumph.

I love people more. I don’t think people should starve, nor do I think that food costs should double and triple because someone thinks that animals are more important.

State Representative Phil Richardson
House District 56 

The 52nd Legislative