To serve & protect or To seize and destroy

Posted on 03/07/2009

To serve & protect or To seize and destroy

Picture it… police officers show up at your door and seize all your cars because “No one can take care of that many cars”  Within 24 hours, they are selling the cars off, stripping them of parts and eventually returning  some without wheels so that you can’t drive them.  No trial, no conviction, no appeal.

Sounds crazy right?  Try this…

Picture it … child welfare shows up at your door and seizes your children. Not because of abuse or mistreatment but because you are deemed to have “too many children”  Within 24 hours, your children are being adopted out and you have no recourse to get them back.  No trial, no conviction, no appeal. 

Sounds crazy right?

This is happening to dog breeders across the US; responsible, knowledgeable and ethical dog breeders.  People who have dedicated their every spare moment to learning about dogs as a species and as individuals.  Animal Control raids their property, often with armed police officers and media in tow; naming them “puppy mills” and “animal hoarders” simply because of the numbers of animals that they care for or raise. 

  • The fact that the animals are responsibly cared for?  Irrelevant.
  • The fact the breeder has more knowledge and experience than the officers seizing the dogs? Irrelevant
  • The fact that the animals are pulled from a loving home to be thrown into a concrete run, isolated from everything they have ever known?  Irrelevant

Within 24 hours, the seized dogs are being sterilized and/or sold.  No trial, no conviction, no appeal.  The breeder’s dreams destroyed, beloved dogs gone and never seen again.  Its happening across the USA and being championed in the news as a good thing. 

Sounds crazy right?  I wish it were. 

Do you own a dog, maybe 2  or even 3?  Look into their eyes.  Now picture someone coming to YOUR door backed up by armed police officers to take them away from you, because you have “too many”.  Then tell me what you think of animal limit laws.

 Better yet, tell your member of congress, senator, mayor, animal control director and newspapers.  Because the people writing the animal limit laws think that 1 is too many.  They’ve said so publicly and they are not kidding.

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