The Glory of Purebred Dogs

Posted on 02/25/2009

Considering the wave of comments about the Oprah Show not being as bad
as some anticipated, I want to make some points from the politically
incorrect perspective. For those who know me, I’ve never been politically
correct and have absolutely no intentions of starting now.

My Politically Incorrect Comments:

1. I owned and bred show dogs for many years, creating my own bloodlines
for the traits I desired. I championed many of them even though I was told
it would be impossible for a novice to show black chow bitches and finish
them without a handler. I finished three of them myself along with numerous
others and ignored the comments.Were all of the dogs I produced show
quality? No. Were there any pets among them? Yes. Do I apologize for
breeding and producing them? No. Never have. Never will.
2. I have owned dogs for 32 years. I have never owned a mixed breed dog
or a dog from a questionable background. I don’t want a dog from a shelter,
pound or rescue. I want dogs from breeders. Since all of my chows have died
of old age, I have switched to smaller dogs. ALL of them were BOUGHT from a
professional licensed commercial breeder. DO I apologize for that?
Absolutely not!
3. I was told eighteen years ago by the “mother of the animal rights
movement” in Missouri that for every ONE of my dogs I bred, a thousand dogs
died in shelters. It was my fault for breeding them when so many needed
homes. And, because my dogs were intact, I was creating an overpopulation
problem. I leaned across the table, looked the old gal ( sorry, I don’t
consider her a lady), directly in the eye and said,
“I have several butcher knives in my kitchen drawer and they have the
capacity to kill people. That does not mean that I’m a murderer.”
The debate carried on for more than two hours. I never wavered from my
position and have not to this day. I have no intentions of changing.
4. I have been told many times that when I buy from a breeder, shelter
and pound dogs will die, and that I should “adopt” one of those instead.
Not everyone wants a dog from a shelter, pound or rescue. I am one of those
people. I DO NOT WANT a dog from any of those sources. If I could no longer
buy from a breeder, I WOULD NOT HAVE A DOG AT ALL. I do not like 40 pound
black lab mixes that are available in my area. Don’t tell me that there are
purebreds available from those sources. I do not want a dog with no
pedigree, no registration papers and a questionable background. This is
America. I want to exercise my right as a citizen to participate in the free
enterprise system and purchase a dog from the place of my choice or to breed
the dogs I want. Telling me that I should not breed a dog or buy from a
breeder until all dogs are adopted from shelters, pounds and rescues is like
telling people they should have no more children until all without homes are
adopted. It will never happen. And, I have been around the block too many
times and see what is behind this campaign. It is a money-making,
control-seeking agenda that has nothing to do with animals and everything to
do with taking away the rights of individuals, thereby creating a socialist
state. It is an attempt by emotional flocks of sheep in people’s clothing
demanding a cornering of the market to create a monopoly completely
controlled by themselves and their chosen few. Sorry, I am not falling for
it, so it does no good to preach to me about it nor does it do any good to
keep shoving legislation in my face to try to force it on me and those I
represent. I will use every political technique possible to kill the
disgusting animal rights agenda and will do so with absolutely no feelings
of remorse or guilt.
5. I do not believe in a socialist agenda that dictates what I can and
should do with my animals in my own home. I do not support true animal abuse
and neglect, but I believe in using common sense rather than lynch-mob
emotion when making such judgments.
6. I become even more angered and determined to kill legislation when I
receive reports of threats and harassment against those I represent
following a ratings-seeking, money making piece of propaganda as was
featured Friday on television. When I receive calls from breeders who are
genuinely afraid for their families and their animals, it infuriates me to
the point of lobbying even harder against animal rights activists. Do
threats to my members make me more sympathetic towards activists? Absolutely
not!! However, I will use those threats as a basis to kill legislation at
the capitol! So, each time my people are threatened in any manner, it costs
the activists dearly. Keep threatening and I will keep killing your
legislation. I believe in revenge.
7. I am angered because people fall to their knees and hang their heads
in embarrassment for enjoying their animals. I am disgusted that people fail
to stand up against a torrent of propaganda based on lies, deceit, theft,
and the elimination of their rights as American citizens. I am fed up with
pleading for people to help in this fight but they always have the excuse of
being too busy. Well so am I, but what does that have to do with it?!! If
breeders and animal owners don’t wake up and see what is coming at them
head-on, they will soon have all the time in the world to devote to flower
gardening and golf because there darn sure won’t be any animals to enjoy!!
8. Do I have a guilty conscience for my lack of “compassion”? No, not in
the least and the prospects for changing don’t look good. Do I care if I
don’t seem politically correct? Nope.

If I sound angry, it’s because I am. I’m sick and tired of people who
fall for emotional propaganda and can’t see that they’re being duped. As
I’ve quoted in my speeches many times,
“How sad that people follow like sheep and ask no questions.”
I’ve spent much of my time in the last year traveling to the east where
I’ve been invited to speak to various Amish communities about the animal
rights movement. They are being heavily targeted because the animal rights
activists don’t believe they will fight back. Well guess what!!!
Are they perfect in the care of their dogs? I answer that with a
question of my own……. is every dog interest perfect? Are ALL hobby/show
people running a perfect kennel? Are ALL rescues running their operations in
hospital-like surroundings? Are ALL shelters spotlessly clean and free of
disease and dirt? Are ALL commercial kennels operating 100% to Animal
Welfare Act requirements?
There are good and bad apples in every facet of animal ownership. The
Amish are no different. Many of them I have visited have absolutely
immaculate kennels with state of the art operations. I have seen good and
bad in every industry. What angers me is that there are a number of animal
owners who are relieved to see another part of the industry targeted in
order to take the heat off themselves. Rather than standing shoulder to
shoulder to help their fellow man, they choose to point fingers at everyone
else, hoping that by continuing to “feed the crocodile, it will eat everyone
else first”. Rather than helping, it’s easier to point fingers and say “take
them first as long as you leave me alone”.
I spent last week-end helping the Amish in an eastern state. They
presented their first breeder’s seminar with guest speakers from throughout
the Midwest educating them on all facets of kennel management and animal
care. I spoke on the origin of the animal rights movement and how to protect
When speaking to new groups, I tell them what the animal rights movement
is, how it affects them, how the propaganda and guilt play a large part in
the money-making control schemes put forth by the media and various groups,
and what to do to counteract it. I close my speeches with the following:
“If we are aware of what is happening in the animal rights movement and
the evil agenda it presents, and we fail to stop it, then we will surely get
what we deserve and our children will inherit that which we failed to do.”

Written without guilt by Karen Strange, President & Registered Lobbyist

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