Talking Points For Illinois Chole’s Bill

Posted on 02/15/2009

Illinois HB 198, “Dog Breeder’s License Act”(“Chloe’s Bill”), and its companion bill, IL SB 0053


AKC Leg Alert


Link to text:


Following is link to a the text of HB 198:



Additional talking points besides what AKC has:


1. As written is “BSL in disguise”, since no doubt inspections of Rottie and APBT kennels will be emphasized (especially if HSUS-AR types are inspectors), and- when turned over to shelters upon license revocation – many dogs of these breeds will be needless euthanized since many shelters refuse to adopt out these breeds

2. Unfunded government mandate – since many dogs will be needlessly turned over to shelters upon license revocation, there is no funding provided these shelters (most of which are private, or supported by municipal funds) to house these dogs and s/n them, or euth them

3. Loss of property rights by owner over his/her dogs; institututes a quasi-guardianship whereby owners required to turn over valuable purebred breeding animals to local shelters for just trivial violations of the regulations, and without any just compensation for their economic value

4. Precludes any responsible hobby breeding since no home breeder will be able to comply with these regulations, only large commercial breeders

5. The wording used to define a breeder regulated under this bill – “Any person who maintains 3 or more female dogs with the purpose of the sale of their offspring” – will go far beyond that of regular breeders, since it appears person needs own just ONE breedable female dog and sells only an occasional litter to be covered by these regulations.

6. No grace period or grandfathering  provided for IL breeders already licensed under  existing IL or federal regulations – they may have to build entirely new kennels and be in compliance at the time licensing goes into effect (6 months after bill’s enactment, which is upon signing) since these regulations go far beyond that required by USDA APHIS or IL Dept of Agriculture

7. Healthy, well-cared-for dogs may be removed from breeder without due cause, such as simply for minor discrepancies in recordkeeping or physical crate size that have no effect on the health of the dog

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