A Ruff Ride For Dog Breeders

Posted on 02/15/2009

Ruff ride for dog breeders

Accused of trying to create a master race of pooches in a KKK-inspired PETA protest

It’s now official, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, are nuts.

In the past their childish behaviour has resulted in fur-wearing people being plastered with red paint, the colour red signifying the spilled blood of the animal whose fur is now your winter coat.

Actress(?) Pamela Anderson has appeared in ads wearing only a fur (I assume a faux fur) saying “I’d rather be naked than wear fur.”

I agree, I’d rather she be naked as well, the fur makes her look unnatural, even somewhat enhanced.

But PETA’s latest sophomoric display occurred just days ago when two people (either PETA members or at least supporters) dressed in KKK attire appeared outside the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. They were carrying placards accusing the Kennel Club of trying to create a master race among pure bred dogs. You know, just like the white man tried to do to blacks and what Hitler tried to do by annihilating million of Jews.

How ignorant and insulting that is on so many levels.

This year’s Best in Show dog was Stump who, at the age of 10 (and that’s old for a dog), came out of retirement after a serious illness to win the prestigious event.

There was another dog entered named Tiger Woods. Now there would be your starting point for your master race; although not the kind Adolph or the boys with the pointy white hoods would take kindly to.

Yes there have been issues regarding inhumane treatment of some animals but it is ridiculous to link them to a hobby where, as my late father would say, “The dogs are treated so well, it won’t be any better for them in heaven.”

PETA claims “Obviously it’s an uncomfortable comparison. (But) it’s a very apt comparison.”

Someone hand me a poop-and-scoop.

Linda Dowdle is a dog breeder, compassionate and caring; she is charged with breeding my good friends Karen and John’s dog. They entrust her with Lucy who has become part of their family. When I questioned her about PETA’s protestation and accusations she replied, “We are trying to breed the best dogs we can health wise, temperance wise, as well as compromise wise (structure) and function wise.”


They aren’t running some kind of sleazy puppy mill or some Michael Vick dog fighting ring. Most aren’t, but for those who are, I say punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

PETA should know this, if they are as well informed as they claim.

For more than 25 years Clive Davies has been breeding Norfolk Terriers, and his reaction to PETA’s protest was a simple one: “That’s about their style. I know breeders around the world, and the one common factor 95% of them possess is a passion to breed a better dog, not some kind of master race. They are getting a bad rap.”

As for the common belief that pure bred dogs are more susceptible to disease or illness, Davies said, “I don’t think that’s true at all.

“There are simply more statistics kept on pure breeds as opposed to mixed breeds,” he said. “Very few owners keep those statistics.”

He suggests that those with questions about breeding go to the Canadian Kennel website at http://www.ckc.ca

I have been an animal lover and pet owner most of my life, and have cherished them dearly.


I believe that PETA and all others should understand one thing: Human beings and animals cannot be considered equals. You may love your dog or cat and treat them as part of your family, but animals and humans cannot be considered equals, because for that to be true, humans would need to drop one level in order to be on the same plane.

Animals are not capable of undertaking tasks and advancing the world; your beloved dog is not capable of inventing, never mind operating the X-ray machinery, or the medicine or treatments that may keep him healthy, or alive. Sorry, but it is true.

But by all means make them part of your family. So, having said that, Happy Valentine’s Day to you Mickey. (He’s our family Lab, mixed breed and all.)