NICE Opposes NY Dog Trainer Law

Posted on 02/04/2009





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Ami Moore, The Chicago Dog Coach

Director, NICE,http://www.amimoore.comThe Nationtial Institute of Canine Experts

NICE Comes Out Against Dog Trainers’ Certification as Proposed in New York State Legislature

Chicago, IL – Februrary 5, 2009 – The National Institute for Canine Experts (NICE), which has Ami Moore, the world renowned dog behaviorist from Chicago, among its distinguished members, has come out strongly against the proposal of certification of the dog trainers as stated in the bill proposed by New York District 39’s Assemblyman Jose Peralta. The organization (it can be reached at ) is instead working on an alternate trainer certification test which can be fair towards the trainers, while emphasizing the professional aspects.

The bill that has been initiated in the New York state legislature intends to oblige the dog owners to adhere to the new licensing requirements, which may even end up discouraging people from owning the dogs in the longer term. According to Ami Moore, the bill in its present form may have a negative effect on the dog training professionals and the way they do business. She further says that the bill is also unclear regarding the results that may follow if the dog owners are not adhering to the stipulations, which leaves undue amount of discretion at the level of the enforcing authorities. Even otherwise, she says, there has been enough disagreement in the past over who can be called a dog trainer and what constitutes a trained dog.

Dog training has been somewhat unregulated business in which several dog trainers thrive in an equally diverse disciplines under the profession of dog training. Recent times have seen a spurt in the number of dog training institutes, as well as certification authorities and bodies. Ami Moore says that seasoned dog trainers having honed their skills through years of practice and training dogs that must pass rigorous training tests such as French Ring, Obedience Trail Champion and Hunting Dog Test that actually measure a dog trainer’s ability to train a dog to an off-leash standard, whereas at other well known certification bodies such as Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the APDT, require minimal hands on dog training hours and a multiple choice test before granting the certificate. Ami Moore says, “Picking a dog trainer is like picking a chef. Do you pick the chef that has been in the kitchen for a short amount of time and has passed a multiple choice test as an indication of his expertise or do you pick the chef that can cook a real meal for you to sit down and eat?”

Ami Moore says that determination of safe behavior of dog is better alternative compared to determining “obedience quotient” of the dog. On the other hand, the proposed New York legislation is impractical and difficult to implement. NICE says that the present legislation doesn’t serve the dog loving people of the state neither does it ensure safe behavior of the dogs, while clamping down on the well meaning dog behavior experts of the state.




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