Animal Rights Fanatics Banning Proper Dog Care

Posted on 02/02/2009

PA Puppy ‘Lemon Law’ Also May Be Strengthened



American Sporting Dog Alliance


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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is taking aim at tail docking, ear cropping and dewclaw removal this year.


An Illinois bill would make tail docking and ear cropping a felony, even if done by a veterinarian. In Pennsylvania, legislation that died last year would have restricted tail docking, ear cropping and dewclaw removal. This bill has been resurrected this year.


Another Pennsylvania bill would strengthen the state’s puppy “Lemon Law.”


Tail docking and ear cropping are under assault by the animal rights movement, which sees them as mutilation. The Illinois bill calls it “torture.”


These common practices have been banned in several European countries, and HSUS and its allies want to see these practices become illegal in America, too.


The American Sporting Dog Alliance strongly supports the right of every breeder to make his or her own choices about tail docking, ear cropping and dewclaw removal. If done correctly, these practice do not harm a young puppy in any way and are extremely safe, virtually painless and also may serve an important purpose for many hunting dogs, terriers, working dogs, guard dogs and herding dogs.


To call the common and traditional practices of tail docking and dewclaw removal “torture” or “mutilation” is completely absurd. Quite frankly, anyone who describes these practices in those terms is confessing to appalling ignorance about them, and about dogs.


We are urging dog owners to join us in fighting any legislation that prohibits, criminalizes or overly restricts the responsible and conscientious choices of dog breeders.





Current Illinois law specifically excludes tail docking and ear cropping from the crime of animal torture.


However, Senate Bill 0139, introduced by Sen. Terry Link (D-Lake County), removes those exclusions and adds tail docking and ear cropping to the list of acts that would constitute animal torture, which is a third class felony offense.


SB 0139 makes ear cropping a felony in all cases.


Tail docking would become a felony under SB0139 in almost all cases, even if it is performed by a veterinarian. A veterinarian would be allowed to dock a tail only “for a medical reason.”


Docking for any other reason, such as to assist the dog in hunting or herding, or to conform to the official standard for a particular breed, would be a felony under SB 0139.


Please read this legislation for yourself: .


SB 0139 is awaiting its committee assignment.


However, we urge Illinois dog owners to take two actions now.


Please contact the Committee on Assignments and ask them to commit SB 0139 to the Agriculture Committee, which would be more sensitive to the concerns of animal owners. Here is contact information for the assignment committee: .


Also, please contact your own state senator and ask her or him to oppose this legislation. Here is a list of links for every state senator: .