electric collarElectronic Dog Training Equipment

Posted on 01/26/2009

NICE, The National Institute of Dog Training Experts, strongly opposes  the restriction, limitation or banning of electronic dog training equipment and containment products. 

Humanely used electronic dog training equipment had been demonstrated to be an effective, efficient, benign training tool for a variety of difficult performance venues beginning with its birth as a training device almost 40 years ago for hunting hounds, upland bird dogs and retrievers.

The popularity of its use as a training device has been successfully implemented and demonstrated by our nation’s Military, domestic law enforcement and most recently with it’s successful employment as a device for behavior modification and rehabilitation for pet dogs. It’s wide acceptance and use in competitive dog sports has generated achievement at the highest levels of recognition for obedience competitors, field trial competitors, protection sport enthusiasts and others.
In any area where the performance of the dog must be RELIABLE, PRECISE, and HIGHLY CONTROLLED off leash and or at a distance from the handler, modern electronic dog training equipment is recognized as the premier training tool that humanely and effectively achieves such difficult goals.
In addition, activities where the preservation of human life depends on the dogs’ performance off leash in real-world environments in a precise and reliable manner, electronic dog training methods remain the most efficient technique for attaining such excellence.
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