Dog Breeders and Dog Breeding

Posted on 01/26/2009

NICE, The National Institute of Canine Experts supports ethical dog breeders who engage in the perseveration of the unique and irreplaceable genetic identity of the modern dog.

NICE believes in protecting  the role of the American dog breeder in producing dogs that are able to perform their historic jobs and also new and innovative services for and with mankind.

NICE supports all ethical and responsible dog breeders, large and small, the professional and dedicated hobbyist, that safeguard the irreplaceable genetics of the domestic dog. These rare and unique genetic abilities of the dog, if allowed to become extinct through excessive and punitive legislation would adversely effect our food supply, our ability to protect property, life and liberty and reduce our humanity.

For an article details how to pick a good breeder, please access this link:

How To Pick A Good Dog Breeder.


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