The National InstiNICE FOR DOGStute of Canine Experts – NICE is a professional non-profit association dedicated to the research, promotion  and publicizing of educational information related to all aspects of the care and training of the domestic dog.

The National Institute of Dog Experts (NICE) seeks to provide information to the public  regarding the proper and humane use of the tools, methodology, techniques and philosophies used in the care, management, rehabilitation and training of the domestic dog.

NICE will gather, compile and disseminate to the public information on the proper and humane use of  dog training,  management and rehabilitation tools and methods.  As an organization, we will examine and investigate the tools and methods used in dog care,  training and  management in a logical and factual manner and report our findings in the same manner.

NICE believes that the proper and humane use of appropriate dog training tools, methods, philosophies and techniques enhances responsible dog ownership  reduces the probabilities of  inhumane treatment, abuse, abandonment and euthanasia of companion and working dogs. Membership in our organization is free the only requirement is that you love dogs and want them to share your life with you in the city, in the suburbs and in the country.

NICE Inc  is a  5019c) (3) nonprofit corporation as defined by the the State of Illinois and the IRS.